Sudbury Youth Basketball provides a safe learning environment for players of all abilities that develops the athletic skills, character, sportsmanship, & teamwork of Sudbury school children in grades K to 8, by participation in competitive basketball.

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If you have any questions, problems or comments regarding the online registration process, please email Kate Trainor at


  1. Go to the Home page at
  2. Click on the tab on the left called REGISTER ONLINE
  3. You will brought to a page called "Online Registration System" that has a list of each division; click on the division which applies to the child you are registering (i.e. GIRLS 3rd grade or BOYS 6th grade)
    • IMPORTANT:  Select THE GRADE FOR WHICH YOUR CHILD WILL BE ENTERING IN THE UPCOMING FALL (the grade he/she will be in when the basketball season starts in the winter)
  4. You will be brought to a page with a note that only adults 18 years or older may do this registration and confirming the division which you selected; click on "Continue"
  5. You are now on the "Welcome" page - PLEASE READ ALL INFO CAREFULLY! 
    • Select "NEW PARENT" if you have never registered your child ON THIS WEB SITE before 
    • Select "RETURNING PARENT" if you DID register your child ONLINE last year  
      • Click on the button next to "RETURNING PARTICIPANT" and enter the email address you used to register on SYB web site and your password (either the temporary one emailed to you or your own password, if you changed to your own)
      • Skip the section below entitled "New Parent/Participant Process" and go straight to the section entitled "Actual Registration for a Specific Division"

In this part of the registration process, you will be creating a profile for each adult parent and each child participating in SYB; after creating this "family profile," you will move on to registering each child for the appropriate division within SYB.  

  1. After selecting the button to the left of "NEW PARENT/PARTICIPANT," enter your first name, last name and the email address you will use to receive information from SYB.
  2. Click on the "Continue" button
  3. The next screen is entitled "Password Mailed."  Leave this screen open and open your email application in another screen.
  4. Check your emails & you should see one from  with a subject of " Temporary Password"; open this email and write down the temporary password.
  5. Go back to the screen on the web site entitled "Password Mailed" and click on the "Continue" button.
  6. The next screen is entitled "Sign In" and should have a yellow box with your email address already filled in the "email" field; you should enter your temporary password underneath this in the white box and then click on the "Continue" button.
  7. The next screen is entitled "Adult Information" and contains an explanation of how all information used during this registration process is kept entirely private within the SYB organization.  Fill out the information ABOUT YOURSELF FIRST (the "Adult") and
    • IMPORTANT:  make sure to delete the dots in the fields called "Password" and "Enter it again" and TYPE IN YOUR OWN PASSWORD in these fields.
    • In the field called "ID" you can leave it blank; SYB does not assign an ID number to its members
    • Note the check boxes next to certain fields; the check mark means this piece of info will be published within the SYB organization only; if you do NOT want this piece of info published within SYB, then remove the check mark from the box
    • Click the "Submit" button
  8. The next screen is entitled "Member Selection" and at the end under the "Members" heading, your name should be first and then the options "Add a second adult" and "Add a child." 
    • Click on your name if you'd like to review or change any information about yourself (then click on "Submit" button to return to this page)
    • Click on "Add a second adult" if you'd like to add information about another adult parent/guardian of the child to be registered (then click on "Submit" button to return to this page)
      • In the field called "ID" you can leave it blank; SYB does not assign an ID number to its members
      • you will specify an adult emergency contact person later in the process
    • Click on "Add a child" to add information about each child you will be registering for SYB;
      • enter ALL children at this time (even though you selected a grade division earlier)
      • remember in the field called "CURRENT Grade" to put the GRADE ENTERING IN THE UPCOMING FALL/WINTER season
      • In the field called "ID" you can leave it blank; SYB does not assign an ID number to its members
    • Click on a person's name at any time to review or change any information about that person (then click "Submit" button to return to this page).


  1. On the screen entitled "Member Selection," click on the circle to the left of child's name whom you wish to register and then click on the "Continue" button
    • Note: in the very first step of this process, you selected a grade division for your child -- you should first select the child who will be participating in this division
  2. The next screen is entitled "Registration Information" and directly underneath it is the grade division you are registering for (you selected this in the very first step of this process)
    • Incorrect Grade Division: if this is NOT the correct grade/gender division for the child you are registering, you can take one of the following steps:
      • click on the "BACK" button of your web browser to go back to the "Member Selection" page and choose the correct child for this grade/gender division OR
      • start the process over (just the division selection process - you will not have to enter your family profile info again) by clicking on the "REGISTRATION" tab on the left and selecting the correct grade/gender division for your child; you can then refer to the directions above starting on #4 in the section called "HOW TO BEGIN"
  3. Fill out the information remembering to check the boxes marked "I ACCEPT" under the Waiver of Liability and "I ACCEPT" under the Parent Code of Conduct.
  4. The next screen lists the division for which you just registered your child and the note "Registration Information is Complete" so you have successfully registered your child for the division noted ()
    • Payment Options: you must select a method for paying the registration fee
      • To pay securely online via credit card, click on the picture of the "Visa/MasterCard pay now" and you will be brought to a screen to fill in your credit card info
      • |To pay by check, you must mail the check to the specified address within 10 days to reserve your child's spot
      • Review information:  scroll down to yellow boxes with summary information and click on "Change" if you need to edit/change any of the information for this child's registration
      • Print out a copy: scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on "Click here to print this page for your records"
      • Register another child:  scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on "Click here to return to the Registration home page" and you can start the process over