Sudbury Youth Basketball provides a safe learning environment for players of all abilities that develops the athletic skills, character, sportsmanship, & teamwork of Sudbury school children in grades K to 8, by participation in competitive basketball.

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As an unpaid volunteer organization, Sudbury Youth Basketball only operates between November and March. Sudbury Youth Basketball wants to encourage all kids to play basketball during the offseason.

While we do encourage playing in the off season, we highly encourage kids to play other sports and not play all year round. We recommend that players follow the guidelines established by the NBA and USA Basketball.


Max. Months Per Year in Organized Basketball

Ages 7-8

4 months

Ages 9-11

5 months

Ages 12-14

7 months


In the offseason, there are two primary options to continue playing – summer camps and AAU teams. We’ve compiled a list of opportunities for families which is meant to provide easier access to options available.

SYB does not have an affiliation or partnership with any of the programs or camps listed. We do not recommend a specific program, camp, or team. We encourage families to do their own research on the program and find the best fit for their child.

Keep in mind that the best way to improve at basketball is to get out in the driveway and work on your game. While trick shots and half court shots can be fun, kids will see the most improvement working on their shooting and dribbling and the Jr. NBA is a great resource of free information.

Please note that playing beyond the season is not factored into a player’s placement for the following SYB season and playing outside of the season doesn’t guarantee that a child will make a certain team. In many cases, there are kids who play all year round and they are placed below kids who only play during the SYB season.

Summer Camps

Sudbury Youth Basketball does recommend the summer camps run by the LS varsity coaches.

There are many other camps in Sudbury at the Fieldhouse and around the area. This list is meant to provide easier access to options for parents. Please do some research before signing up your child to ensure the camp is the right fit for them -- ask friends, neighbors, teammates, and coaches if they’ve had any experience with the camps.

Day Camps in Sudbury (listed alphabetically)

Day and Overnight Camps outside of Sudbury (listed alphabetically)

​​*SYB does not have an affiliation with or receive any compensation from any of the camps listed below.



AAU basketball is a term typically used to refer to youth “club basketball.” AAU teams give Sudbury boys and girls a chance to play competitive basketball outside of the town and travel program.

Unlike Sudbury Youth Basketball, these are private, for-profit club teams that typically play in the spring with tryouts starting in January and the fall with tryouts beginning in August.

When deciding on playing AAU, the number one thing is your child has fun. Before making any decisions, make sure to ask your child what they want. 

SYB has put together a list of teams that are close by. This is not a complete list of teams and again SYB does not endorse any specific program. The best way to select a team is to attend a few tryouts and ask some questions. Please note that the player’s experience can vary widely within a program – one child can improve greatly whereas another doesn’t.

When/if your child makes a team, we think that it is important to ask a few questions before committing. Here are some that you may be aware of, but we thought may be helpful. Keep in mind that not all programs will share this information, but we’ve found it helpful to ask when making decisions about which team is right.

  • Who is on the team? Please consider if you and your child will enjoy playing and hanging around with the players and parents on the team. While it is not important to play with Sudbury kids, sometimes the experience can be more enjoyable if your child has a friend or former teammate on the team. Please note that AAU teams sometimes won’t disclose who made the team because kids have tried out for multiple teams and haven’t committed to the team.  If they are unable to provide the team roster, ask families who tried out if they made a team or their plans.
  • Did my child make the A or B team? Keep in mind that making the top team isn’t always important.  You want your child placed on the appropriate team. The coach, the program, and the teammates are more important than which team your child makes.
  • How many kids are on the team? Teams with more than 10 kids usually receive less playing time.
  • Is the team comprised of one grade or multiple grades? If it is multiple grades, will they be playing up, down, or in grade?
  • Who is the coach? You want to find a coach who understands the game, has good relationships with all players, and is focused on teaching them how to play basketball the right way. Make sure you find a team that promotes and plays team basketball.
  • What is the coach’s experience? And have they coached for the program before? If so, how many years?
  • How many practices per week? You must select an AAU team that has scheduled team practices at least once a week (preferably two). Don't join a team who only gets together on tournament weekends.

The program may not be able to answer all these questions and it may not be appropriate to ask all of these at once so please use your best judgement. Your best source of information on the coach and program is asking friends, neighbors, and teammates if they have had experience with the program and coach.

AAU basketball can provide longtime relationships and growth in areas of sportsmanship, teamwork, confidence-building and so many other lifelong lessons, if done correctly. Please make sure the kids are learning skills from trained coaches, that they are having fun and aren't being subjected to so much pressure they quit at an early age.

*SYB does not have an affiliation with or receive any compensation from any of the teams listed below.