Sudbury Youth Basketball provides a safe learning environment for players of all abilities that develops the athletic skills, character, sportsmanship, & teamwork of Sudbury school children in grades K to 8, by participation in competitive basketball.

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GIRLS Travel Teams 2019-20

Below you will find the 2019-2020 Sudbury travel basketball team rosters.
As you know, the key driver of the process to create travel teams is the use of fully independent evaluators (no child in the grade), who all have been involved with and coaching youth basketball at all levels for many years.
The independent evaluators created the team rosters based on hours of their own live assessments, extensive group review and debate of each player, prior year comments, and insuring a balanced composition of positions/speed/size on each team. After the teams are created, then coaches are selected among parent volunteers from those team members.
It is important to note that travel basketball is a major winter commitment that includes three events per week. Typically, teams practice during a weekday, have a game or practice on Saturday, and a game on Sunday. As a participant in the program, it is expected that priority be given to basketball relative to other sports or extracurricular activities. Please note that there are kids that were not placed on a travel team that were willing to make this commitment.
For those players that were not placed on a travel team, we wish to thank you for trying out and encourage you to keep working on your basketball skills. You will be playing in our in town basketball program, which is one of the best available of its kind. Please remember that you must attend the in town basketball assessments even though you were at the travel assessments.
We encourage you to try out for travel basketball again in the future, as players develop at different times and we see significant movement of players each year across different travel teams and between in town and travel programs.
Note that different from other towns, each year we start with a “blank slate” where the independent evaluators create the travel teams (and then coaches) as described above, where no player and/or coach is guaranteed any spot. 
Thank you again for your time, and we look forward to an exciting season of basketball.


4th Grade Blue
Coach: Kate Trainor, Melissa Immonen, Denise Ranieri
Brooke Andelman
Claire Dolan
Lucy Immonen
Tessa Macleod
Rose Marobella
Eva Martinelli
Chole Pappas
Madison Ranieri
Emma Trainor
Reggie Whelan



7th Grade Blue
Coach: Jon Collins
Kelsey Blanchette
Alexandra Collins
Claire Gaeta
Kelly Lynn Gilmartin
Caroline Grous
Eliana Krasnow
Asia Leedy-Andreozzi
Ava Levine
Annie Rapisarda
Evelyn Schwartz
Natalia Yauckoes



8th Grade Blue
Coach: Derek Brown
Cassie Albert
Sydney Allwell
Olivia Bigelow
Sydney Brown
Hannah Delaney
Marisa Tums
Charlotte Huck
Rachel Konigsberg
Gabby Lapat
Elliana MacLeod
Carly McKeown
Kaitlyn Steffick


5th Grade Blue
Coach: Adam Neale and James Bradford
Olivia Ancillo
Addison Block
Beatrice Bradford
Elise Cecere
Cecilia Evans
Kate Greco
Zoe Heinen
Dylan McKeown
Elizabeth Neale
Molly Patch
Catherine O'Sullivan


6th Grade Blue 6th Grade White
Coach: Adam Stone

Coach: Dave Fenton and

Scott Downer

Sonia D'Ambrosio Sarah Chi
Rachel Goldman Madeline Downer
Leah Iannelli Grace Fenton
Victoria Manocchia Natalie Gaeta
Lexi Morrissey Vama Gandhi
Bridget Pacific Abby Goldman
Sarah Poland Chloe Holman
Bella Reith  Caroline McCormick
Abby Stone Kiera Trainor
Alice Wallerstein Ally Tranter