Sudbury Youth Basketball provides a safe learning environment for players of all abilities that develops the athletic skills, character, sportsmanship, & teamwork of Sudbury school children in grades K to 8, by participation in competitive basketball.

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Below you will find the 2022-2023 Sudbury travel baskeGirls 5th Gradetball team rosters.

Each year to create the Lincoln Sudbury travel teams, we start with a blank slate. SYB utilizes evaluators that do not have a child in the grade they evaluate. All evaluators are volunteers who have been involved in basketball for many years playing, coaching and/or officiating experience at multiple levels including AAU, high school, or college. During the player assessment and team selection process, the player names are not provided to the evaluators and are not on the evaluator sheets – the evaluator sheets only have the players’ pinnie numbers (not names). The evaluators created the team rosters based on hours of their own live assessments, group review and debate of each player ensuring a balanced composition of positions/speed/size on each team.

After the teams are created, we then select the coach for that team. Coach selections are based on the candidate's expertise and experience in basketball, coaching, and other youth related leadership activities, as well as overall credentials, approach, and if applicable, prior year parent feedback. We recognize that having consistency in coaches year to year is valuable, and it can also be positive for the kids to experience different coaches as part of their SYB careers and development.

For those players who were not placed on a travel team, we want to thank you for trying out and encourage you to keep working on your basketball skills. You will be playing in our in-town basketball program and have an opportunity to play basketball this winter. Keep in mind that regardless of placement, the kids will have a great season together and have an opportunity to make friends and learn and grow as basketball players.

It is important to note that travel basketball is a major winter commitment that includes three events per week. As a participant in the program, it is expected that priority be given to basketball relative to other sports or extracurricular activities. 

Thank you again for your time, and we look forward to an exciting season of basketball.

8th Grade Boys Blue

Coach Clarkin

1. Ashe Evan
2. Blanchette Drew
3. Bowhers Jackson
4. Clarkin Benjamin
5. Gordon Aarman
6. Jun Ryan
7. Kumar Rohan
8. Manzira Sean
9. Sholk Ben
10. Sermuksnis Matas

8th Grade Boys Red

Coach Cunningham

1. Cunningham Brendan
2. Deede Tyler
3. Geary Joshua
4. Gregg Liam
5. Hodgetts Colin
6. Levine Charlie
7. McConnell Grant
8. Seaberg William
9. Sellazzo Benjamin
10. Weisman Nash

8th Grade Boys White

Coach Van Patten

1. Cabarrus Julian
2. Gusman Corey
3. Heinen Nate
4. Kasi Neeraj
5. Kennedy Michael
6. Kreml Gregory
7. Sanzone Nick
8. Van Patten Owen
9. Warzynski Sean
10. Whitehead Tyler


7th Grade Boys Blue

Coach Dan Maier

1. Ayala Gary
2. Dietz Ryan
3. Levy Cooper
4. Magalhaes Logan
5. Maier Colin
6. Sawin Brady
7. Spector Ryan
8. Tholander Grant
9. Verwijs Julian

7th Grade Boys Red

Coach Kenny Oliveira

1. Alonso Sebastian
2. Goldman Max
3. Iwasaki Chad
4. Martinelli Enzo
5. Pike Wesley
6. Puc Alexander
7. Oliveira Xavier
8. Tottenham Alexander
9. Weisman Cole

7th Grade Boys White

Coach Dave Krauser

1. Bonica Keith
2. Ciaccia Ryan
3. Cohen Ethan
4. Enache Victor
5. Krauser Sal
6. Mandina Jameson
7. Perry Kyer
8. Romig Zachary 


6th Grade Blue

Coach Van Patten

1. Bowhers Cole
2. Clarkin Trevor
3. Dooley Christopher
4. Gordon Arav
5. Lambert Cole
6. O'Rourke Ryland
7. Reiner Russell
8. Shafran Sam
9. Tartufo Matthew
10. Van Patten Lucas

6th Grade Red

Coach Nelson

1. Berkel Devon
2. Berkel Kyle
3. Dooling Logan
4. Hennessy Vincent
5. Mehta Alex
6. Nelson Wes
7. O'Connell Kieran
8. Poland Michael
9. Sadjady Abtin
10. Willard Benjamin

6th Grade White

Coach Hannigan

1. Ashe Matthew
2. Bozeman Khoury
3. Champagne Chase

4. Cochran Cameron

5.Gamel Gregory
6. Hannigan Grant
7. Massimo Jack
8. Wilmot Geoffrey
9. Yauckoes Sebastian


5th Grade Boys Blue

Coach Connelly

1. Biggins Thomas
2. Burke Drew
3. Condon PJ
4. Connelly Ben
5. Hill Qais
6. Kissane Luke
7. Krauser Leo
8. Particelli Louie
9. Verwijs Ellis
10. Wilson Jack

5th Grade Boys Red

Coach Bradford

1. Bradford Lewis
2. Foy Landen
3. Goldman Asher
4. Jendrzejewski Krishna
5. Parker Princteon
6. Roberts Jenson
7. Sweeney Dylan
8. Tan Andrew
9. Vogel Samuel
10. Westervelt Cole

5th Grade Boys White

Coach Sieger

1. Ciaccia Oliver
2. Cooley Ian
3. Foraida Hashem
4. Fragale Paul
5. Gottlieb Eli
6. Kane Andrew
7. Leonce Sam
8. Sieger Myles
9. Stewart Jake
10. Sullivan Teddy
11. Treanor Ethan


4th Grade Boys Red

Coach Crandell

1. Attride Avery
2. Cheung Harvey
3. Crandell Charlie
4. Friedholm Brant
5. Kreml Andrew
6. Mranal Darsh
7. Rao Ajinkya
8. Sconyers Welles
9. Seaberg Charlie
10. Stone Jake

4th Grade Boys White

Coach McCue

1. Camacho Pedro
2. Enerson Henry
3. Hannigan Jack
4. Kinlaw Brady
5. Lindsey Cameron
6. McCue Ben
7. Silva Parker
8. Storer Bryce
9. Watson Tyler
10. Utke Mason