Sudbury Youth Basketball provides a safe learning environment for players of all abilities that develops the athletic skills, character, sportsmanship, & teamwork of Sudbury school children in grades K to 8, by participation in competitive basketball.

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Sudbury Youth Basketball (SYB) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization guided by a volunteer board of directors and dedicated parent volunteers who help us provide a safe, fun, and competitive environment for Lincoln and Sudbury residents in kindergarten through 8th grade. Every year over 500 boys and girls participate in our program.


Why does Lincoln-Sudbury travel basketball cost $650?

As a volunteer-based organization, the pricing for our programs is not designed to make a profit, but rather to simply cover the costs that are needed to run and sustain the league (court fees, referee fees, equipment, insurance, etc.).  As board members who are volunteers, we pay the same amount as everyone else and are aware of the expense of having two or three kids play hoops in the winter, so it is in our best interest to keep the rates down.


We thought that it would be helpful to give people a better understanding of what we offer and the costs of operating a non-profit volunteer-based organization.


Keep in mind that basketball is at a disadvantage compared to other town sports like football, soccer, lacrosse, softball, and baseball where field rental costs are significantly lower than gym space. It is worth mentioning that the costs for gym space have increased substantially during COVID due to limited court availability. In most cases, SYB pays $8 to $12 per player to use the court for an hour. Plus, we have other operating expenses like insurance, equipment, league fees, refs, etc.


While the cost for a season appears high, SYB thought that it may be helpful to know what you receive during the season:

  • Approximately 32 (1 hr.) practices per season
  • Plus 12 games and playoffs in MetroWest
  • Season runs from November to early March. (over 4 months of hoops!)

With at least 44 events per season for travel that’s around $15 per session or $162.50 per month to play hoops. 


Please note that SYB does offer a needs based financial aid program to ensure that those that cannot afford to play are given an opportunity.


SYB does have fundraising options available to help cover some of our expenses and give financial aid and scholarships. If you or your business are interested in supporting basketball in our community, please contact us. If you are unable to donate, we encourage you visit our sponsors and mention SYB.


Thanks to everyone supporting basketball in Sudbury!