Sudbury Youth Basketball provides a safe learning environment for players of all abilities that develops the athletic skills, character, sportsmanship, & teamwork of Sudbury school children in grades K to 8, by participation in competitive basketball.

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Our Mission Statement

Sudbury Youth Basketball (SYB) provides a safe and balanced learning environment for players of all abilities that develops the athletic skills, character, sportsmanship, and teamwork of Sudbury school children in grades K through 8 through their participation in competitive basketball.

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Keeping sand off gym floors
Parents & Players: We need your help in keeping the gym floors...
Coaches & Parents of Sudbury Youth Basketball (SYB):   We...
Keeping sand off gym floors

Parents & Players:

We need your help in keeping the gym floors as safe as possible for our kids.  In order to help keep the floors clean and safe, we ask that your child(ren) wear a 2nd pair of shoes into the gym and then change into his/her basketball sneakers once inside the gym area.
  This will reduce the amount of sand & dirt that is tracked onto the gym floor from the outside, where the parking lots & sidewalks are filled with sand during the winter season.  For each game on the weekend, we have about 20 players and 30+ spectators tracking dirt into the gyms, so your cooperation in this matter will make the biggest impact on the safety of gym floors.


by posted 06/08/2014

Coaches & Parents of Sudbury Youth Basketball (SYB):


We need your help in a very important matter.  When using a school gym for an SYB practice or game, we are doing so as members of SYB and we are therefore the guests of the respective Sudbury Public School (SPS).  As such, we have agreed to adhere to stricter guidelines regarding WHEN and WHERE we can access the gyms used for SYB events.   It is imperative that we all adhere to these rules so we do not jeopardize our ability to use these gyms; without access to gyms, we cannot have a league.  So please read the following carefully:



  • Coaches, Parents & Players:  do not enter gymnasium until your designated time even if there is no other group in the gym (parents must make sure a coach is there before leaving the premises)
  • Coaches must end their practices promptly:
    • If another team is practicing after yours, do NOT run past your designated time & make the next team wait; clear the court promptly for the other team; the clock inside the gym is the official time
    • If you are the last scheduled practice, you must be completely out of the gym by the designated time; you therefore need to end your practice 5 minutes beforehand to give yourself & your players time to pack up & get out of the entire building; no extra shooting, no chatting inside the gym, even if you don’t see a custodian … please be out of the building so the custodian can go home
  • Parents should arrive at the gym 5 minutes before practice ends in order to pick up players; if you arrive later, the players may be waiting outside
  • Players not on the court should wait at the perimeter of the gym or in the hallway outside the gym; you should not roam the halls inside the school
  • Remove all water bottles and belongings at the end of a practice or game
  • Do not bounce basketballs in the corridors – only use them in the gym
  • When attending any SYB practices or games, all children and adults must remain in the gym area at all times, except to use the bathrooms.  Even though most families attend these schools, you must realize that when you're at the schools participating in an SYB event, WE ONLY HAVE ACCESS TO THE GYM AND THE BATHROOMS; THE REST OF THE SCHOOL IS CLOSED.  No children or adults should be walking the classroom hallways or any other areas inside the schools. 
  • Coaches & Parents:  please make sure players and other children respect school property - do not remove or deface artwork or class work mounted on school bulletin boards.
  • Parents:  keep a close watch on any children you bring to watch a game and do not let them roam outside the gym area or the bathrooms.


  • Enter and exit only through the big entrance area at the rear of the Loring building.
  • Do not use the side doors located inside the gym to enter or exit; it lets a lot of cold air inside the gym and it creates wet floor conditions as well.
  • Enter and exit the gym through the first set of doors leading into the gym (not the doors at the far ends of the gym).


  • The stage area is completely off limits; you may not sit on the stage, use the doors to enter the rear of the stage, or go through the curtains to enter the rear of the stage.  
  • Please do not allow siblings or players to play on the stairs outside the main entrance that lead down to the lower level.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation.  


The Board of Directors, Sudbury Youth Basketball

by posted 06/08/2014
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